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This story began when Pastor Divan was only 19 years of age.  God led him into a time of prayer and fasting.  One night during this time, the Lord took him into a vision, the Lord revealed to him how he would minister to the lost,  the deceived and how he would expose the powers of darkness within the lives of people. 


In this vision the Lord took Pastor Divan in front of multitudes of people as he was preaching to them.  Whilst being in the spirit the Glory of God suddenly came from within him reaching all the way to the heavens. It was so overwhelming that he felt as if his body was unable to contain it. In this vision God led him to minister to people in Europe as well as in America. Pastor Divan was filled with compassion for them and experienced the love of the Lord for these people.


In this time one of the biggest Prophets in South Africa called him out one night and prophesied over him confirming what God has already placed inside of him. 



After this encounter, Pastor Divan went to Bible School and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.  He also started to serve in the youth ministry and became a youth Pastor.


In 2009 Pastors Divan and Tanya were married and a year later their journey in ministry began. In 2015 God called them to go to minister for about a year in Texas,  USA.  At the end of this period God led them to start The Upper Room Family Church (2016) in their home town Pretoria, South Africa.


Thank You for Your Support and Prayers and may this inspire you as the reader to go out and be a Light in the Darkness!



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